Flipping The Standards Of The Classroom

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Flipping The Standards The human mind is constantly learning and absorbing knowledge from different experiences throughout life. People understand and learn in different ways and paces, including education because there is a variety of ways students can interpret what is being taught. The flipped classroom is one of the ways students can get information differently from what they experience in a modern day classroom. The flipped classroom allows the teacher to give their lessons to the students at home through the computer and the students can do their homework in the actual classroom. This allows for students to work at their own leisure and not disturb the flow of the class for anyone else. The flipped classroom should be seen as a…show more content…
These videos were such a big hit, Khan quit his job to make the Khan Academy, a nonprofit online educational platform that holds many videos containing lectures on a variety of topics. The Khan Academy is used by many schools today and has proven to be successful to most classrooms as students are able to grasp the concept easily and effectively (“A Teaching Innovation”) (Schmidt). While vastly different to traditional schooling, the flipped classroom is an innovation that benefit can every student throughout school. The flipped classroom can be beneficial as they help students work at their own leisure and help give students a better understanding without disrupting the class. With the information in class readily available at home, the students can look over and analyze the lesson and get their own interpretation of the information. If they have any questions, they can simply ask their teacher when they are given the assignment in class. Since the teacher will not be giving a lecture in the actual classroom, he or she will be available to answer questions students may have about the information they received at home (Schmidt). The students have more time to analyze that data and get their own interpretation of the information thus giving a better understanding of the information as a whole. Another reason why the flipped classroom can help is the improved interaction between student and teacher. In the typical classroom, students
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