Float ' N Spinners For Salmon & Steelhead

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Float’n spinners for Salmon & Steelhead When you mention using spinners, the first thing that comes to mind is standing on the edge of your favorite lake, pond or river casting and retrieving spinners. There are serveral alternative methods that work well too. Traditional float fishing rigs consist of a float, pencil lead or splitshot and your choice of lure. Most common choice of lure would be cured roe,wool combinations , or corkies and small spin n glo’s. Over the last few years, the rivers edge is getting more & more crowded, as fishing pressure increases so does the amount of lures the fish will see in a day. Trying new methods of fishing can sometimes prove to be rewarding. There are three presentation that I like to use,…show more content…
Set up your rod the same as if you were fishing yarn or bait; float, weight, leader and spinner . Cast slightly up stream and allow your lure to reach bottom. Reel in any slack line, then when your float is directly across from you, free spool and allow your float to freely float down river . Your weight should be fished so you feel the river bottom every 3 feet or so, and presentation should be Dead Drift. It is important that your float is drifting at the same speed as the current. The bite is often soft , if you feel your spinner stop turning, set the hook , that’s a fish. Down & across presentation is used for tailouts or riffle water. Often the water is less than 3 feet deep and to Free Float would result in snagging the bottom . Cast your lure upsteam and across then reel in any slack line. When your float is across from you, Free spool. Unlike the Free Floating put your thumb on the drum of the reel and allow slight drag. This will slow your float and allow it to come across the river. There are several important factors to consider while fishing this method. Anytime you allow drag on your reel, the lure will lift off the rivers bottom. To compansate, try setting your float 3 to 6 inches deeper than the water yo’ur fishing. The second factor to consider is what size of blade to use. When allowing drag on your reel your blade will speed up, the greater the drag the faster the blade will turn, so you may have to increase the size

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