Essay on Flood Legends From Around the World

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There are flood stories from many cultures. The flood stories usually consist of a higher power that floods a civilization due to some act that has made the higher power angry. The stories talk about one specific family and how the flood consumes the entire globe. So many cultures have a story about a great flood that have many similar details that it is hard to not believe that it is not true, but whether the story of a great flood is true or not, it is up to the individual to decide. Judaism is religion that many Hebrews are a part of. Many Christian religions like Catholicism also believe the same story that the Jews do about the great flood. They believe that God had become so upset with mankind’s evil ways, he wanted to…show more content…
He then sent out a dove that came back without anything. A week later Noah sent the dove out again, and the dove returned with an olive branch. The next week the dove did not return to the ark. After a year and ten days of being in the ark, Noah and his family emerged with the animals. Noah sacrificed some of the animals to God, and God was so pleased he vowed to never destroy all of the living creatures with a flood again. The rainbow that appeared was like the signature to an agreement that he would never do it again. The animals ran wild and began to produce and God told Noah’s family to repopulate the earth (Genesis 6-9). In Greek mythology, Zeus wanted to destroy the men of the Bronze Age so he sent a flood. He thought the people of this age were very wicked. “Prometheus advised his son Deucalion to build a chest. All other men perished except for a few who escaped to high mountains” (). After Deucalion and his wife floated in the chest for nine days they land on Parnassus. Then, he made a sacrifice to Zeus in which he threw stones and they became men. Then his wife threw stones and they became women. This story focuses on one family in particular, Deucalion and his wife. There is a great flood that wipes everyone out but them, and a great higher power, Zeus, did this to the earth. In Roman mythology, which is very similar to Greek mythology, there is a flood story as well.
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