Flood Policies In The United States And The Netherlands Case Study

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This paper is about comparing flood policies in the United States and the Netherlands. How both countries are taking different approaches to a similar situation that both faces. Especially with the rising waters from global warming. This paper looks at what is causing these two different approaches. Is something domestic going on in the United States and the Netherlands that is leading to this result such as economics or public opinion? The research in this paper is intended to help solve this important question. Background history will be provided with what led to the United States and the Netherlands to begin looking at creating flood policies. By the end of the paper, the research shall provide us with enough facts on why the United…show more content…
Most of that money would come from the lost of real estate. Current projections also show that it is possible of 7 million people losing their lives due to the rising sea levels in southern Florida. That is a very big lost of life in just one state. Imagine the east coast, west coast, and all the coastlines in the world. There are a lot of people in danger and could lose their lives because of the rising waters. That is why I see it as a great time to look at flood policies and see the progress that has happened, but also the progress that still needs to be made (CBS News. “Sea Change”). My hypothesis for this research paper is that the United States and Netherlands took different policies because of possible domestic issues such as the economy, or public opinion. I would suggest the economy because if the economy is for example in a recession. The national government is most likely to look at how to create more jobs with good wages. Such action would lower the unemployment rate, and possibly get more people confident into spending more money due to the payments from such a job. My suggestion of public opinion also comes in because the overall mood of the country changes very fast in a given time frame. In one instance, the public could be concerned about floods, but things change when another major event such as healthcare or tax reform all of the sudden takes center stage. That is why public
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