Flooding Disaster in Budalangi and the Mitigation Measures

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Flooding disaster in Budalangi ( Kenya) and the mitigation measures More often than not when people talk of disaster, they instinctively think of hurricane, tsunamis and earthquakes. Rarely will people think of the flooding aspect as a disaster that can plague a place consistently or even once in a while. The aspect of global warming is the single factor that affects both the developed and the third world countries, shifting the weather patterns and negatively affecting the participants in the perpetuation of the global warming and the innocent in equal measure. The area that is of particular interest in this case is an area called Budalangi, which is lowland that is located along the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. It is of particular interest since it has been on the international news year in year out for the flood trends that rock the plain land even with all the organizations trying to stop this effect. This flooding often results in disaster that cost human life, sweeps the mud houses of the poor fold there and killing the livestock that is the wealth that they posses. This according to the standards of a third world country, and the rural part of it for that matter is a huge disaster. The floods are usually occasioned by the Nzoia River breaking its banks during the rainy seasons in the upper lands like the Mount Elgon areas which are way off at the highlands of Western Kenya. The interesting contrast is that, apart from the annual floods, the area also

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