Flooding In Mississippi In 1992: A Case Study

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Flooding is a natural cause that happens when too much rain water overflows rivers and marshes, but floods become a problem when they affect people who live around the area. This is what causes it to be a natural disaster. In this paper, I am going to talk first about the flooding in Somerset, UK. Second, I am going to talk about the flooding of the Mississippi in 1993. Finally, I will conclude with how both of these floods could have been prevented and how they could help prevent a flood in the future, along with my own opinion of what I have learned. The year of 2013-2014 Somerset had a huge amount of rain during the winter season, which caused many of the marshes that hold the rain water to become full and overflow into a small village of Mooreland (BBC Documentary, 2015). The village of Mooreland is located by a river that has many marshes around it that hold the winter rain water until it is able to be pumped out. In the marshes, there are many man-made ditches, drainages, and pumps to help prevent the small town from flooding, but the existing pumps were unable to remove the water fast enough. Villagers who live in Mooreland believe that the efforts of the Environment Agency were too little, too late when it came to help prevent the village from flooding. The villagers understand that the village would have flooded either way, but they believe…show more content…
Louis were trying to contain the water from the leak, the southern part of St. Louis was about to face a much larger threat. The water was heading south towards 52 propane tanks (NOVA Flood!, 2015). The water started to pull on the propane tanks, loosening from their cables. One of the tanks started to leak, which became a huge problem for the community because one spark could have led to a large explosion that could have been a mile wide. Luckily propane is heavier than air, so it sat lower to the ground and it was much easier for the local firefighters to find it and water it
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