Florence, Italy And Italy

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“Florence, Italy is located in the Tuscany section of Italy with an area of thirty-nine square miles. In 2006, there were 366,488 people residing within Florence 's city limits, while the Metropolitan Area of Florence, Prato, and Pistoia, was home to about 1.5 million people. In the five years between 2002 and 2007, the population of Florence grew by 3.22 percent, while Italy as a whole grew by 3.56 percent. As of 2006, 90.45 percent of the population was Italian. The largest immigrant group, which came from other European countries (mostly from Albania and Romania), constituted 3.52 percent, East Asia (mostly Han Chinese and Filipino made up 2.17 percent, the Americas 1.41 percent, and North Africa] (mostly Moroccan) 0.9 percent. Florentine (Fiorentino), spoken by inhabitants of Florence and its environs, is a Tuscan dialect and an immediate parent language to modern Italian.” Italy is one of the stronger nations in Europe. It is a boot-shaped peninsula on the southern corner of Europe and is slightly larger than the state of Arizona. Italy also controls the two large islands Sicily and Sardinia. The concept of a unified Italy is one that has come to blossom in recent years. The state of Italy was first organized as a constitutional monarchy under King Victor Emmanuel II in 1861, and Rome joining in 1870. In 1922, the Fascist party led Mussolini, began to take control over the country Italy, eventually leading to a tremendous defeat in World War II. The modern Italian

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