Florence Kelley's Speech On Child Labor Summary

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Since capitalism has existed, children have been able to work. These children have worked in the harshest conditions and the longest hours. With thousands of children working in the United States, social worker Florence Kelley decided something needed to be done about it. So on July 22, 1905, she delivered a speech to the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), analyzing, and explaining the problems with children in the workplace. She uses the rhetorical strategy, cause and effect, to exemplify the pros and cons of child labor at the time. Kelley later explains how her thoughts can reflect on the future of child labor in the United States. Kelley’s opening statement announces the fact that two million children under…show more content…
With the effect in mind, she continues with another example of state laws that are totally disagreeable towards the eyes of the members of NAWSA. Kelley concentrates on the state of New Jersey knowing that they have the worst child labor laws in the nation. She explains that New Jersey lawmakers repealed their previous child labor laws to allow children over the age of fourteen to work overnight. (Kelley 6) The author describes the law repealing as “pitiful” and “a privilege,” using a sarcastic tone. Without this, children would have been done at work at six o'clock every day, except Friday. Kelley adds a final problem with state’s child labor laws, this time impacting the northeast. She explained to her audience that the cause of Pennsylvania lawmakers changing their child labor laws was due to the effect a twelve hour work time had affected these children. (Kelley 7) The author uses an example to exemplify that the effect of the law changes affects thousands more than the girl mentioned in the paragraph. Finally, these law changes affect only the children themselves, without any violation of the Commonwealth. Kelley enters the latter part of her speech explaining how lawmakers could have acted differently. She proceeds to enter paragraphs eight and nine with the use of rhetorical questions targeting lawmakers of law-limiting states. (Kelley 8-9) The author explains the

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