Florence Nightingale : A Courageous And Helpful Woman

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For the longest time women were never looked up to be hero’s. Women were always given a roll and expected to follow it, that being to marry and have kids, not ever having to truly work. Then, there was Florence Nightingale who believed at an early age, that she could make a difference. In analysis of historical images and poems, Florence Nightingale was represented as a courageous and helpful woman. Propaganda during this time period played a huge role in advertising Nightingale and her accomplishments. Florence Nightingale took a stand during the 1850’s often portrayed as someone who couldn’t succeed in the path she wanted to follow. However, Nightingale quickly earned the nickname “The lady with the lamp” and drastically changed the…show more content…
Nurses at this time carried a rough reputation with them, not ever seeming to care well enough for the patients. The reputation nurses left was that they didn’t care and they didn’t have any sympathy for the incoming patients. Nightingale’s reputation herself holds a remarkable truth. According to F.B Smith in the secondary novel, Florence Nightingale Reputation and Power, “Most nurses only were in that job field, because they were in need of a job at that time, accepting anything they could get” (155). After six years of waiting and pondering at the idea of becoming a nurse, she finally attended nursing school in Germany, far enough away so that her friends and family wouldn’t be aware of what was happening. Referring back to Smith’s novel, Nightingale, “Later on returned to England to accept a position to manage a women’s hospital” (148). Nightingale was well off during her life; therefore, her parents were unsure as to why their daughter wanted to work with the poor. Nightingale was embarrassing both herself and other women because this isn’t what they were subjected to do during this time, society had other roles for them being to play that “house wife” figure, whereas Nightingale had a different plan. Nightingale had a streak of steal being very determined on a daily basis during her lifetime. In Figure 1, Nightingale was recognized as “The Lady with the lamp”, walking up and down the sickening hallways, checking on each
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