Florence Nightingale : A Courageous And Helpful Woman

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For the longest time women were never looked up to be hero’s. Women were always given a roll and expected to follow it, that being to marry and have kids, not ever having to truly work. Then, there was Florence Nightingale who believed at an early age, that she could make a difference. In analysis of historical images and poems, Florence Nightingale was represented as a courageous and helpful woman. Propaganda during this time period played a huge role in advertising Nightingale and her accomplishments. Florence Nightingale took a stand during the 1850’s often portrayed as someone who couldn’t succeed in the path she wanted to follow. However, Nightingale quickly earned the nickname “The lady with the lamp” and drastically changed the opinions of others and the way society saw her and the roll of women from then on out. Nightingale was born into a higher class, wealthy family, starting early on her father wanted her to receive the best education out there, for that reason, he taught her himself. As Nightingale developed into a young woman, she believed she had a calling from God to do his work by healing the sick and wounded and caring passionately for the less fortunate. She began to visit the poor and many hospitals in England, searching for open jobs that hired women. Around the age of twenty-five, Nightingale informed her parents she wanted to become a nurse. Society had cruel opinions of nurses at this time, which lead Nightingale’s parents to be ashamed at the fact…

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