Florence Nightingale : An Immense Impact On Nursing

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Florence Nightingale was an immense impact on nursing, who “became famous for her revolutionary work as a nurse during the Crimean War” (Kent 30). “She dedicated her life to improving conditions in hospitals, beginning in an army hospital during the Crimean War,” (3 Registered). Her actions were then used by “concerned individuals, rather than by professionally trained nurses” during the Civil War, (Registered 279). Many of Nightingale’s ideas were brought into modern time, but with the improvement of technology and licensed nurses. With the influence and patience of Florence Nightingale, nursing has evolved into an outstanding career. Nurses are health care providers, who provide care for the sick and injured, “but their titles often depend on who or where they work” (Bureau). These healthcare providers can focus on a specific health condition, a specific part of the body, specific group of people, or a specific workplace. “They provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members” (Bureau). Normally, nurses work inside where the temperature is usually low to prevent infection and germs from spreading easily. While many have become fond of this immense occupation, studies show that the nursing will become quite popular. US News and World Reports states, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the profession to grow 19% by 2022, lowering
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