Florence Nightingale Contributions

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Florence Nightingale was born May 12th, 1820 named after Florence, Italy, where she was born. At just one-year old Florence moved to England because her father owned Lea Hurst, a country house, in Derbyshire and was extremely wealthy. When Florence was five years old, her mother Fanny convinced her husband to move to Emely Park where the Nightingales would have more entertainment. Although this made Fanny happy, Florence was miserable with the consistent guests and chatter. She preferred to be alone with her thoughts. Growing up she was only taught the things a good wife and mother would need to know, including; music, dance, needlework and art lessons. In the 1800s women weren’t expected to receive an education based on the core subjects, they learned things that would help them become the best care taker they could be. Since Florence was considered upper class, it was highly unlikely for her to ever have a job. But as Florence grew older she became very neat and organized. She enjoyed numbers and placing data into tables. At the age of eight she taught herself French and always did the right thing because she believed that’s what god wanted. Once Florence turned twelve her father, William Nightingale insisted on her and Parthenope, her older sister, to be well educated. William taught his two daughters the following languages; Latin, Greek, French, Italian, and German. Then he had them learn all about history, philosophy, ethics, composition, the bible, and mathematics.
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