Florence Nightingale Contributions

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Parks, recreation, and management tactics and levels of expectations are constantly adapting with the ever growing society that we live in. The field of recreation is especially evolving because of its relation to the medical field. Possibly one of the most influential people in the medical field was Florence Nightingale. Although the achievements she accomplished in her lifetime may seem small, they certainly impact how not only recreation functions today, but the entire medical field. Florence Nightingale was born into a wealthy family in Florence Italy in 1820. During the 19 century the original role of women shifted due to the Industrial Revolution. Instead of working alongside their husbands on a farm, they stayed home while their husband went to work in order to watch over the servants while they completed domestic duties. Nightingale went against all of the norms of society in order to complete, what she believed to be, her God given calling of nursing. During the time, nursing was a degrading job that only poor people did. Nightingale went to school, rejected a marriage proposal, and worried her parents with her life decisions. Because of her dedication to her studies, she would have been considered a “blue stocking”, which had negative implications such as being unfeminine and having dried up ovaries. Nonetheless, she persisted with her passion, and during the Crimean War in 1854 Nightingale was asked to gather a team of nurses in order to care for soldiers.
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