Florence Nightingale Contributions To Nursing

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Florence Nightingale is best known for her contributions to nursing, but she is also recognized for her contributions to data analysis and graphical representation of data. She was born in Florence, Italy and died in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom. Her lifespan was May 12, 1820 to August 13, 1910. She was born into a well-off merchant family and had one older sibling. Despite her mother’s upwardly social tendencies Florence herself, was more awkward socially. During her lifetime there were a number of wars and revolutions across Europe. Additionally, women were not seen as the equal to men and did not have the right to vote. Nightingale was unique in her social class as instead of focusing on keeping house and getting married, she instead pursued education and progressed in the field of nursing. When Nightingale was in her teens she was interested in mathematics and it was also clear that nursing was her calling ( Editors, 2017). In 1840, Nightingale begged her parents to let her study mathematics instead of more feminine pursuits such as sewing and dance lessons. Her initial preference was to study mathematics, even though ladies of her social standing did not formally pursue that field of study, so ultimately her parents allowed her to study mathematics with tutors. Nightingale passed her learning onto other children through tutoring. One of the tenets she followed was that of Socrates to ask questions of what she and her students were learning
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