Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale

Introduction A human service is a non-profit organization or effort that renders the services for human needs. We should believe that human services is the greatest gift for anyone else and even too your own self satisfaction. This profession offers the assistance needed to manage with primary and social human needs. It is the person’s own will that raise him to pay services for human welfare and help needy people for their survival. Under the human service profession, Florence Nightingale is the most famous in its history. She is a great statistician and social reformer, and the initiator of contemporary nursing. Florence Nightingale came into prominence, when she served with her team in the history event of
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However, the death rates were getting high in most of the highest hospitals of the regions. At the time of her first winter at Scutari, there were 4,077 soldiers died, in which most of the soldiers died from sicknesses like dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and typhus, instead of wounds got by battle. In March 1855, Sanitary Commission had to be sent out by the British government to Scutari, by watching lack of ventilation and overloading defective sewers. This step was taken after the six months of Florence arrival. This commission improved ventilation and flushed out the sewers. Undoubtedly, the death rates greatly declined but she never claimed hygiene as a cause of death and the reason to reduce the rate of death. After the arrival to Britain, Florence started gathering evidences before the health of Army. Florence also believed that many of the soldiers were kill by poor living conditions at the hospital. This drastic experience becomes the reason of great influence throughout her career.

Conclusion The whole historical study of Florence Nightingale is the tremendous example for learning about human service profession. It reflects how a lady takes different initiatives and wanted to go in the depth of the cause. She still conceived that the reason of death rate was due to worst and poor nutrition, overworking or soldiers and lack of supplements.

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