Florence Nightingale : The Founder Of Modern Nursing

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Have you ever wondered who those people where who helped make you all better? You might remember them wearing scrubs. They play a huge role in the hospital! Those people are called Registered Nurses. They are like heroes in scrubs. RNs provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about many different health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. Registered Nurses also record patients’ medical history and symptoms, give patients medication and treatments, they observe patients and record their observations, talk with doctors and other healthcare people. They operate and monitor medical equipment, help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results. When the patients…show more content…
“The courses to get your associate’s degree is anatomy, nursing, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, and some you will have to take some general liberal arts classes.” (All Star Directories, Inc.) .Your also going to need to know a lot so you can educate your patients and their family on the medical situation and how to treat it. You also need people skills so you can break bad news to the patients and their family. You have to learn a lot to be able to become a RN but if you study it will be easy. Going to school and learning all that does pay off. “Registered Nurses make around thirty-two dollars an hour.” That is way better than minimum wage which is seven dollars an hour. “You will get payed around $65,470 per year.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics Wednesday, January 8, 2014). Who would not want to go to school for two or a little over two years and make that much money? You might even get a bonus even you are really good at doing your job. The patients you help look to you for help. Whether you realize it or not they will remember who their nurses where. You could be the nurse that saved a person’s life. Sometimes you might have to do and see stuff you don’t want to. You cannot have a weak stomach being a nurse because you will see a lot of blood and vomit. You also have to be very careful, because working so close to sick patients there is always a chance of you getting sick. “Always treat everything like it is contiguous.” (Leanne Roberts). You will have to
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