Florence Nightingale 's Play Breaking Social Norms

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Genre Analysis During the Victorian time period roles regarding gender, education, the work force, and politics were all set and rarely had any changes made to these predisposed ideologies. By conducting an analysis of the time period using a variety of genres, it became apparent that Florence Nightingale’s role in breaking social norms was a starting point for the revolution of women. It is also evident that her actions are still influential in today’s society. Using two different sources, I compared both themes and techniques used to portray the purpose of the article and video. The first genre typography, is used to present the role that women during the Victorian time period, ranging from education to prostitution. While the video’s iconography genre’s purpose was to educate about Florence Nightingale’s role and what she accomplished in her lifetime. By using several types of genres I compared the roles of Victorian women to Florence Nightingale and her counter actions of the time period, and the impact made then and its relevance today. Structure and Delivery The structure for the typography, which was an article is written in paragraph form, structured by each topic being separated in bolded lettering and ranging in a large variety of topics. The iconography genre, which was a video is short only providing vital information needed to know about Florence Nightingale and her impact on breaking social norm. The information for the article is shaped in this way, to

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