Florence Nightingale 's Theory Of The Toronto Public Health Essay

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Throughout the past six years, two outbreaks of tuberculosis occurred within the homeless population in the city of Toronto. With intensive care management and contact follow-up partnership with City of Toronto Shelter, Support and housing Administration Division, shelter staff, TB clinics, the provincial public health laboratory and community partners, the Toronto Public Health (TBH) was able to effectively manage these outbreaks (Toronto Public Health, 2016). TBH created a program to help homeless shelters, and drop-in operators apply the correct protocols to essentially reduce TB transmission risk by enforcing environmental control measures (Toronto Public Health, 2016). Similarly, implementing Florence Nightingale’s theories, found in the novel Notes on Nursing, developed an imperative understanding that the patients’ wellbeing is dependent on their surrounding environment. City of Toronto TB program for the under-housed, homeless and correctional population with tuberculosis, is based on Florence Nightingale’s theories of providing ventilation and warming, maintain cleanliness of rooms and walls, and ensuring observation of the sick. Ventilation and warmth is the first idea introduced in Florence Nightingale’s novel, Notes on Nursing. “To keep the air he breathes as pure as the external air, without chilling him.” (Nightingale, 2005, p. 9). She indicates the importance of keeping the air clean and fresh, comparable to the external air, without providing discomfort to
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