Florence by Alice Childress Essay examples

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Civil Rights are freedom from arbitrary or discriminatory acts by the government, or private individuals. During the time “Florence” by Alice Childress was written, the female characters were set in the time period of when the series of Civil Rights were fighting and taking place as means of affirmative action. The story centers on a Black mother that is mainly defending about Florence, a young woman in hopes of pursuing her theater career, but never appears on stage. In “Florence” by Alice Childress, the racism stereotypes women from understanding each other physically and mentally, coupled with the limitations that these stereotypes creates a border among them and especially for the main protagonist named Mama.

The foundation of the plot and the setting of this play are set in a train station. The symbolism here depicts a journey, or some sort of change that will be committed. A clear emphasis in the social division of the train that segregated the Blacks and Whites is which the time period is depicted in the play. The objective of this physical segregation is to reveal striking similarities with racism in society. The play’s dialogues in “Florence” are very informative as well as revealing the women’s different personalities and judgmental beliefs. With the author’s intention of exploiting different women in this play, this allows the audience to put forth the physical border between the women from understanding one another. Mama felt the atmosphere of social tension…