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Wednesday 10am AFRICAN PRODUCERS IN THE CUT FLOWERS AND FOILAGE TRADE Case Study Chaminda Wijethilake - Words 2973 Table of Contents Title Page 1 Table Of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Question 1 3 Question 2 4 Question 3 6 Question 4 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction – Avanti Gauba The floriculture trade involves the production and consumption of cut flowers and foliage’s. The industry is rapidly growing and creating strong linkages between developing and developed nations. The trade began in the 17th century as nations such as Germany France and Japan, both produced and consumed foliage and cut flowers. Over the times a new trend for floriculture has been emerging production companies in developing nations, which are…show more content…
If Africa decides to produce their own cut flowers native to their country, they would assure the highest quality since they are tolerant to the stresses of long shipping. There are many major and successful cut flower producers in Africa including, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. They can successfully produce and market their own product, as they are already popular in producing traditional European cut flowers, “Kenya was already the largest African exporter with 55% of the African market in 2001 and continues to dominate the African cut flower trade. It is one of the biggest suppliers of cut flowers to the EU, with 25% market share” (World Bank, 2005). Therefore, with low labour costs they can produce high quality flowers that are tolerant to the stresses of long shipping and reduce the amount of European flowers that are difficult and expensive to ship. Countries purchasing cut flowers and foliage’s expect high quality goods for lower costs and that they have a long life so they can be sold to consumers. Consequently, African producer’s should produce and market their own products that are more tolerant to stresses of long shipping to meet consumer needs and wants of cheaper with high quality cut flowers and foliage’s. What types of upgrading
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