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Florida Air, Inc. 1. Evaluate Florida Air’s search for capital. What, if any, key mistakes were made? -Dan failed to fully utilize high profile networks of Scott and Henry, who were both graduates of an Ivy League School (Did Scott graduate from Ivy League School?). Also, Dan did not try to reach out to his network he established while he was buying and selling airplanes. Even if there was no one interested in their direct network, perhaps someone in their network knew someone who might be interested. Scott later contacted his 100 alumni later but rather passively; instead of calling to actively initiate a conversation, he mailed out information.…show more content…
They did not file any legal document when they received checks from investors. -The team failed to fully leverage the positive media coverage they were getting; they could've used the opportunity to put an ad or some sort on the newspaper to widen their search scope for potential investors. - They did not manage their money properly. Without a specific funding plan, they quickly burn out the money they raised even before they fulfilled the need of $1.5 million. 2. Evaluate Dan’s evolving relationships with Scott and Henry. What “principles of best practices” did he overlook? -Dan had an excellent working relationship with Scott. Both of them believed in the future of Florida Air and worked for 10-12 hours a day -On the other hand, Dan had a rocky relationship with Henry. Henry showed little dedication and did not contribute much. He refused to do any work himself but preferred to hire a third party to do work for him. Further, he frequently showed up to office late and missed meetings, dragging down the team's motivation -Dan seemed to overlook team chemistry factor. Surely Henry has extensive industry expensive with equally impressive educational background (graduate of an Ivy League school). However, he did not work
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