Florida Hospital And The United States

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Florida Hospital has grown to be one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. Impressively, Florida Hospital had a very humble beginning and a modest growth. In 1908, a small group of Seventh Day Adventists in Orlando developed their vision of bringing health care to the area. As part of their philanthropy, they were able to raise the funds necessary to purchase Florida Hospital’s first facility near Lake Estelle. It was a two story farmhouse that had a wraparound porch and had once served those needing treatment for tuberculosis. The facility had the capacity to care for 20 patients at any given time.
During the 1950s, Florida Hospital transformed its two story farm house to a structure that was able to care for 160 patients. They were able to make improvements to the facility, such as air conditioning, that allowed for year round care to patients. With each purchase of new facilities in the decades to follow, Florida Hospital has grown to over 20 hospitals large, providing services to many people who live in Central Florida and the surrounding areas. This has allowed the network to include many leaders in their respective fields to offer care to patients in many different specialized areas.
The mission of Florida Hospital was developed with inspiration from the study of scripture. Since the founders of Florida Hospital, the Seventh- day Adventist Church, were faith based, the mission became to “extend the healing ministry of Christ.” This mission drives

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