Florida Living Research Paper

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Bridget N. Kammerer

Ms. Lynn Hawkins

Literature and Culture – Lit. 2000

August 2, 2016

Florida Living

The Florida landscape has inspired many individuals to write about the natural beauty of the

land. Florida has many environmental qualities that draws people to it. This state of Florida

has a truly unique habitat, and some of it is unexplainable. The flora and fauna of the state of

Florida is an anomaly, containing palm frond wasps that are aggressive, and mean snakes

of all sorts. Cultures converge in this melting pot of the United States. Florida is unique place

that is all its own.

The Everglades have many mysteries to hold. Sit in the quiet and see what you can hear. The

noises and the utter silence are eerie. Sydney Lanier explains that upon the entering of the Saint
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We have come to understand some of the wildlife that the inhabits this area and how

ponderous and dangerous they can be. Fowl and reptiles are plenty. Birds with sharp beaks and

poisonous creatures, deadly to those who are unsuspecting, of those whom are not from the area.

Alligators are not that uncommon, and yet the local flamingos are white or so pale pink that if

you blink, you will miss them. The wildlife of the area is often found to be odd or even scary by


Many of the native Seminole Indians are still in the area, although they are deemed to
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