Florida Springs

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A spring is a point where underground water emerges onto the Earth’s surface (Scott et al, 2004, p. 354). Florida springs are an important resource throughout the state: recreation, agricultural, public supply, and so forth. Indeed, many Florida springs have historical prominence in their respective regions. Florida’s karst topography is truly unique; the state’s bedrock is composed of limestone (and some dolostone), which formed over eons and is the remains of deceased sea creatures. This limestone is very susceptible to dissolution, and over time water has seeped through the bedrock to form underground aquifers. When parts of these aquifers reach the surface, a spring is formed. Anthropogenic activities can influence the health of Florida’s springs. For example, stormwater runoff can carry many harmful chemicals to springs. Florida’s springs are connected to the Floridan aquifer -- the underground drinking water source for much of the state’s residents. The importance of Florida’s springs goes beyond environmental processes. To further the scientific pool of knowledge, enhance public understanding, and clarify current gaps in the current state of knowledge related to Florida springs, it is important to analyze existing data; this paper aims to contribute to all of
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This study will take an in-depth look at a specific Florida spring, Silver Glen Springs (SGS), with four related sections: (1) spring science (2) history of SGS (3) water discharge and quality
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