Florida Standards Assessment

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Dear Parent/Guardian: We appreciate your attention in your child’s education and want to share with you some information about the Florida Standards Assessments. • Students enrolled in grades 3–10 will participate in FSA ELA assessments. • All students will participate in ELA Reading. • Students enrolled in grades 4–10 will participate in ELA Writing. • Students who did not pass the Grade 10 ELA assessment in spring 2015 will participate in the ELA Retake. • Students enrolled in grades 3–8 will participate in FSA Mathematics assessments. • In accordance with Section 1008.22(3)(b)1, Florida Statutes, middle grades students will not be tested on both FSA Mathematics and a mathematics EOC assessment. Students enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry,…show more content…
Assessments play a role in helping school districts identify areas where schools need targeted support. The Florida Standards prepare students for success in college, career, and life, by emphasizing analytical thinking. These standards provide an authentic assessment because instead of just containing multiple-choice questions, students are also asked to create graphs, interact with test content, and write and respond in different ways. The Florida Standards Assessments are a collection of writing, mathematics, and reading, all of which measure a student’s performance in those specific areas. The FSA is linked to Florida’s Common Core standards. Common Core standards provide a general idea or outline of what students should have learned about at the end of the year (or grade level). ELA Writing
 • The ELA Writing test consists of one text-based constructed-response item (students read a variety of texts and respond to a prompt). • Grades 4-10 ELA Writing tests are administered in one 120-minute session. • The ELA Writing Retake is one 120-minute session, but students may use up to half the length of a typical school day to complete the test. • All students (PBT and CBT) are provided with a one-page planning sheet to plan their writing. A sample of the Writing Planning Sheet is available on the FSA portal. ELA Reading and…show more content…
By offering uplifiting support, encouraging your child to try their very best, as well as reinforcing goals and ideas, will assist them in performing well on the Florida Standards Assessment. The department has provided practice tests both electronically and paper-based, to help students prepare to the best of their ability for these assessments. It is important that they take these assessments every year to allow tracking of their learning. Florida Standards Assessments also allow for schools, teachers, and parents to see what level each student is on, which gives them more insight to determining whether they need help in a specific subject (i.e. Math, Reading, or
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