Florida State University Case Study

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How much money spent Operating expenses was the area where most of the spending was occurring, and sixty-three percent of the operating expenses included compensation and employee benefits (Florida State University, 2016a). Florida State University (2016a) explained that there was approximately a five percent increase in compensation and employee benefits compared to the previous year. Expenses for services and supplies totaled nineteen percent of the operating expenses, and utilities and communications expenses totaled three percent of the operating expenses (Florida State University, 2016a). The operating expenses were $510.7 million more than the operating budget, and non-operating revenues were used to cover the remaining balance…show more content…
The leaders of the university could lobby legislature for funding. Weisbrod, Ballou, and Asch (2011) noted that research universities benefited from lobbying for funds. Since Florida State University was a public research university, the leaders of the institution needed to lobby legislature to gain funding. Florida State University gained funding from performance and preeminence funding (Florida State University, 2016a). The leaders needed to focus on the twelve areas of criteria for the preeminent program (The Florida Legislature, 2017), and the ten areas of criteria for performance-based funding (McCall, 2017). By focusing on the criteria, the university could have some control on this form of government funding. The leaders could enhance government funding by focusing on lobbying and preeminent and performance-based criteria. (131 words) Where money comes from – Revenue Grants and Contracts The university was a public research university and received a significant amount of funding through grants and contracts from private organizations, the government, and industries (Florida State University, 2016a). Research grants and contracts were earned by the faculty and paid for the resources that were used for research (Florida State University, 2016a). According to Florida State University (2016a), research grants and contracts earned $190 million in revenue. Grants and contracts under operating revenue decreased by $17 million from the previous year
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