Florida State University Graduation Analysis

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Four years ago, I walked onto Florida State University’s campus unaware of the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. My excitement became overpowered by the fear of starting a new journey all while attempting to find myself, my dreams and my future. As I reflect on the experiences that I have encountered through the leadership, service and international engagement areas, I have seen immiscible growth in myself as a student and a leader. The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society program has provided me with interpersonal, critical- thinking and project management skills that are necessary for post-graduation and every-day life; along with much more. With the passion, authentic leadership, humility in serving and acceptance of diversity that I have gained, I will say goodbye to these four years excited to take on the new journey’s that lie ahead. …show more content…

Although this life-altering, experience serves as a catalyst for my desire to give back and make a difference, it was not until my leadership roles at Florida State that I understood true passion and humility. My junior year, I was honored to serve on the executive committee for Relay For Life at Florida State as the Panhellenic Recruitment Chair. Having little leadership experience and much trepidation, I knew this would be a challenge. Fortunately, the same semester I enrolled in a leadership course that provided me with the framework of effective leadership and gave me the motivation that I needed to excel. The various leadership tests, group activities and classroom conversations in this course and others, heightened my passion for not only leading and serving but accepting and appreciating the diversity that surrounds the world

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