Florida Vs California Essay

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Which to travel, California or Florida? Florida may be more with white sandy beaches and tropical weather, for many people like to tour here because the condition of the state. On the other hand, California is more of a cooler/frigid weather and to many celebrities living in California, for it attracts many tourists to see the area. Both states have many things to attract us, but it all depends on the cost, the activities, and the location where you are staying. Therefore, when you are considering between Florida and California for the summer, Americans should consider the weather, activities, and the location they want to spend time at. Furthermore, traveling one of the two popular states in the United States, California, and Florida, have astounding weather. California has more of a frigid/cooler weather making it feel like it is always falling. On the other hand, Florida is more of a tropical/warm weather making it feel like it is always summer during the seasons. Both California and Florida have beautiful beaches because their water looks more crystal blue than in any other states; However, Florida has white sandy beaches with warm…show more content…
California may have the right weather and attractions for many people that like California, but the cost for where you want to stay is more expensive than in any other state in the United States. On the other hand, Florida is also the same. Many people move or travel to Florida is because of the weather and the attractions, but depending on the location you wanting to stay may be a little expensive too. Both states have wonderful locations to stay at, but it all depends on the house and the location of the states. For example, California has really nice houses like Florida has, but they are more expensive, so the smaller houses are what considers the same price as a regular house in
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