Florida 's Energy : Addressing Climate Change

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Cover Page Florida’s Energy Sector- Addressing Climate Change Adopting Solar Energy Changes in Residential Homes to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Caleigh Hensley Applied Economics & Environment Policy, Planning and Management Audience Primary: Residential, Industrial, Commercial Secondary: Government, Academia This proposed conference and session will address the necessary changes needed in Florida to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This panel will have experts to discuss the policy change and benefits towards moving into a renewable energy economy. This proposal will be implemented within the next five years. 4/18/15 Executive Summary Conference Title: Florida’s Energy Sector- Addressing Climate Change Conference…show more content…
Currently in Florida, the net electricity generation from natural gas, “which accounted for 62% of Florida 's net generation; coal accounted for 21%, the state’s nuclear power plants accounted for 12%, and other resources, including renewable energy, supplied the remainder,” (U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis, 2014). Florida’s Energy use broken down into 4 sectors Industrial: 11.7% (472.9 trillion Btu) Commercial: 23.7% (956.9 trillion Btu) Residential: 28.4% (1,146.1 trillion Btu) Transportation: 36.1% (1,456.3 trillion Btu) Conference Focus: Implement a new policy within five years to move into renewable energy, with a focus on solar power, while decreasing the use of fossil fuels. This policy will examine the barriers to implement new renewable energy technologies that will decrease the carbon dioxide emissions and identify ways to overcome these barriers through incentives, tax breaks, and attitudinal changes. Session Proposal Proposed Conference: Adopting Solar Energy Changes in Residential Homes to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Objectives for new policy: Increase solar use by 30 percent in Florida Implement tax breaks, incentives, and attitudinal changes for Floridian residents Build new sustainable infrastructure The use of solar power as a policy choice is based on the fact that it is an
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