Florida 's List Of Natural Disasters

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Florida’s list of natural disasters ranges from floods to wildfires. The most notable natural disaster that impacts Florida are Hurricanes. Hurricanes are powerful storms that can cause intense winds and massive damaging floods. One of the most famous hurricane to hit Florida was Hurricane Andrew. Compact in size Hurricane Andrew devastated southern Dade and Monroe counties. David Hickcox notes that “Andrew’s damage path was quite narrow; it appeared that a tornado had struck, rather than a hurricane” (par 8). Andrew is one of two category five hurricanes to ever hit Florida with winds reaching 145 mph (Williams and Duedall 42). Hurricane Andrew impact was felt in many ways such as environmentally, economically, and socially in Florida. To begin with, Hurricane Andrew impacted Florida’s environment by causing damage to many plants. Because Andrew path of destruction aligned with three National Parks this hurricane affected many different ecosystems including coral reefs, mangroves, and marshes lands (Harper 52). While many of these ecosystems did not get damaged severely, Gray E. Davis et al. reported that “where the hurricane 's eye left the west coast to move across the gulf, more than 85% of the mangrove trees had blown over” ( par. 21). This massive damage to the mangroves ecosystem was due to the intense winds Andrew created. In addition to the damage caused by the storm to vegetation, some of the environmental damage was caused by debris from destroyed homes. John

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