Florida’s Incompetent Capital Punishment System

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Many times when watching television, we see horrible news about a crime committed, which is most likely is not in self-defense. The first thing that comes to our minds; this person is going to receive the death penalty. First-degree murder triggers our emotions to see justice. Even in a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty, we are quick to pass judgment and convict the suspect in question. With technology so advanced in the United States where we can receive the news even into our phones, many times the accused do not received a fair trial. On the other hand, the incompetence of lawyers has created great doubt on the delivery of justice. Additionally, by eliminating the capital punishment will help alleviate the financial…show more content…
Supporters believe murder for murders is the only way to bring justice, and people would consider the analogy before committing these types of crimes. Supporters of the capital punishment system penalty argue that when enforced, the death penalty saves lives. The fault placed into the opposing side for using the system with new trials to postpone execution. The problem with that argument is that in Florida, a total of twenty-five death row prisoners had been released due to erroneous convictions and were able to prove innocence, not a strong argument when lives are at risk. Meanwhile, the police department is facing budget cuts because the state of Florida is facing a deficit of billions of dollars. At this moment, budget cuts are affecting all government departments not only the police Department, but also fire department and education are also been affected. Fifty-one million dollars is the cost to enforce death penalty in Florida. If the death penalty is eliminated, would be a savings of eleven millions would be saved just in specialist lawyers for death penalty cases. Imagine allocating eleven million dollars just in the police department for crime prevention. Supporters of the death penalty will argue that life in prison is not enough to bring the much-needed justice to the families of the victims. Kenneth Josh, in an article for the Congressional Quarterly Researcher (2010) showed the

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