Flotsam and Jetsam

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“Flotsam and Jetsam” ___________________________________________ The short “Flotsam and Jetsam” is written by Alan Bissett in 2012. Alan Bissett, born in 1975 is a Scottish writer, and the short story appeared in the collection “Elsewhere: There” in 2012. The story is written in third person, and the narrator is omniscient. The characters are both described directly and indirectly by what they say, or how they act, because some of the characters has hidden agendas. The main theme in the story is the message to the reader, and the setting which is in Tanzania, and the social environment. The short story takes place in the beautiful East Africa, Tanzania in recent times. The short story starts in media res, which is characteristic…show more content…
In the end of their conversation he asks her if she wants to go scuba-diving, which means snorkelling. Kate seems very interested, and tells the man that maybe she would, some other day. It seemed to be a very common way to get money out of the white tourists. First to be very hospitable, and then try to sell snorkelling tours on one mile of shore. That day six separate men has tried to sell Kate snorkelling. At first she was very polite and chatted to the first three, by the fourth she began to lie about which hotel she was in, and by the fifth she was saying that her flight was later that day. Kate concluded that the locals were VERY happy for the white tourists. At the end of the day Kate met an other guy. He was chef at a restaurant Kate visited. “Restaurant” was perhaps overstating thing. “It was three fold down tables with straw canopies, a chalkboard menu, and a bar with two stools”. The setting is described here as even if the conveniences is not all modern, it is still a beautiful place. “Kate was able to enjoy the beach again, undisturbed at last: the silver line of the horizon, the turquoise waters, the drowsy spell of the dhow, pearly waves.” The place is described as very stunning, and it has importance for the story, because it creates a particular atmosphere, and reveal something good about Kate’s feelings. Kate is talking with the chef of the restaurant, and

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