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Flour on your grave by Bruce Pascoe The human kind has always been afraid of the unknown, the unknown have always been dangerous, and we have always been keeping an eye out for everything new and strange. In “Flour on your grave” Bruce Pascoe puts focus on the consequences of the unknown and what happens in the worst case. “Flour on your grave” by Bruce Pascoe is about a group of farmers at a lake in Australia. Some aboriginals have made a camp next to the lake and because of the lack of knowledge about the aboriginals some of the farmers get scared of the aboriginals because they hear about an earlier story where a group of aboriginals killed a family in Glenaladale. Although some of the farmers tells the rest of them that the…show more content…
When one of the farmers gets stolen four of his sheep the farmers thinks that the same thing is going to happen to them right away. The farmers who have lived at the lake longest have seen the aboriginals before and talked to them, and they are completely calm and try to calm the newest farmers down, because for them the aboriginals are not something unknown. They know one of the aboriginals named Nullica whom is some sort of witch doctor as it is said on page 94 lines 72-74, he comes down from the north every once in a while to initiate all the boys. The first time we see the fear to the aboriginals is at page 93 lines 34-37 where Mr. McKenzie tells his wife about what happened in Glenaladale, how the sang and danced before the problems started. The only knowledge McKenzie has to the aboriginals is from the story in the newspaper where some aboriginals killed an entire family. But Clive and Tom Mullins who has knowledge to the aboriginals and know Nullica have not got a problem with the aboriginals. It is clear that Clive and Mullins have a fine relationship with the aboriginals while Pearson and McKenzie’s relationship with the aboriginals is not that good, it is a relationship filled with fear and insecurity for both parties. When the men has killed the most of the tribe they sit at home, listening to the screams from the few survivors and here they realize that

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