Flowchart and Theoretical Flow Time

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4.1 Recall the evanstonian, an upscale independent hotel that caters to both bussines and leisure travelers, introduced in chapter 3 in exercise 3.10. when a guest calls room service at the evanstonian, the room-service manager takes down the order. She then submits an order ticket to the kitchen to begin preparing the food. She also gives an order to the sommelier (i.e., the wine waiter) to fetch wine from the cellar and to prepare any other alcoholic beverages. Eighty percent of room-service orders include wine or some other alcoholic beverage. Finally, she assigns the order to one of six waiters. Orders may be placed in a buffer if resource (i.e., a waiter, a sommelier, or the kitchen) is not immediately available. Taking down the…show more content…
What is the flow-time efficiency? 4.4 Honda´s 1,100-cc motorcycle, the “American classic edition” (ACE) is assembled in the united states from four major subassemblies. The first subassembly produces the engine from three activities: a left and right part of the engine block come out of the automatic mold every 2 minutes. These two parts are welded together , requiring 1 minute of the continuous welding machine. Finally, it takes the engine assembler 3 minutes to insert the two pistons and four valves. The second subassembly produces the frame in two steps: first, heavy metal bars together with the continuous welding machine to produce the frame. The third subassembly consists of the front and rear fenders , both of which are formed using the same ( as used for the metal bars) 10,000-pound press for 1 minute each . the fourth subassembly makes the seat. It takes an assembler 7 minutes to cut the padding, pit it on a preformed piece of sheet metal, and wrap the two witch synthetic leather. In final assembly , first the four subassemblies are put together. Adding front- and tail-lights, wheels, driveshaft, brakes, and cables produces a new bike that is ready for test-drive. It takes 30 minutes to finish assembly of one motorcycle. Currently, honda ACE staffing is as follows there is 1 molding machine operator, 1 welder, 1 press operator, 1 engine assembler, 2 seat assemblers, and 10 final assemblers. a. Draw a process
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