Flower Shop Business Plan Entrepreneurship

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Section I: Executive Summary

Flower Patch Enterprise believes there is an opportunity to use technology to make it simple for customer to easily purchase custom flower arrangements, with delivery on days they determine in advance, for their loved ones. The company plans to approach its goal short term by targeting customers. Flower Patch Enterprise will differ from traditional florists by cultivating personal relationships through the use of technology and marketing, offering a gift program that makes purchasing flowers easy and delivering exceptional customer service.

The company anticipates modest first year total revenue with the opportunity to increase Year Two revenue dramatically because of Valentine's Day sales. A Study
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In addition to our normal floral arrangement business, we will also incorporated extra services like providing courses in Floral Design and Pottery Making in future. Despite our continuous growth in the Flower Business, we have not lost our integrity and vision, and will continue to serve all our valued customers with the most care to their fullest satisfaction.

D. Product and Services
Flower Patch Enterprise will offer a variety of products and services.

i. Products Original Floral Designs, Using a Wide Mix of Flowers. Each flower arrangement will be a natural, original work of art. The company is committed to making each arrangement unique and custom-designed based on each customer's needs. Flower Patch Enterprise flower arrangements will feature a wide range of seasonal flowers. All sample arrangements in the store will be available for purchase. Chocolates
The sale of chocolate is a perfect complement to flowers, and encourages consumers to indulge and experience something new because they are worth it. Paintings and Artwork
To create a gallery environment, the Flower Patch Enterprise will feature paintings and drawings, and the artwork will be for sale. Hand-tied Bouquets
For customers who prefer to use their own vases, Flower Patch Enterprise will offer hand tied bouquets. Hampers
Flower Patch Enterprise also delivers different type of hampers for every occasion. Cards

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