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* Our idea: Our business idea is not a newfound product or a yet to be explored market, it is an existing business with 100% competition. In a nutshell, our business idea is to open a flower shop catering to deliveries, formalities and small-scale events. Our objective is to be accessible and convenient whilst offering above par products. We came up with this idea through our love for flowers and the slight experience and skill we have in this field. It is a beautiful market with ability to create and innovate. We would like to expand our expertise and skills in this field and its popularity and relative higher demand for it recently makes it all the more appealing. Accessibility to this market could not be easier, the laws and…show more content…
We went forth and investigated Abdullah Al-Salem’s CO-OP to get rent prices and the procedures. Throughout our investigation we have come to a conclusion that we can in fact get a shop in Abdullah Al-Salem CO-OP with 500 KD monthly rent. This was a stepping-stone for us because provided this information we could now approximate the décor fees, employees capacity and finally the number of fridges required. * Advertising: As our survey indicated getting customers to change their florists to us was a probable which gave us even more reason to build ourselves an effective advertising strategy. Through our survey analysis we noticed that the most dominant advertising method was social media so we decided that we will effectively and efficiently use this platform to reach our audience. The two most prominent players in social media nowadays are instagram and twitter, having explored our competitors we have come to conclude that none of them have twitter and as far as instagram goes the competitor with the most followers was Fleur with 13K followers. We decided to be active on twitter and instagram with a target of 15K followers to beat our competitor. On instagram we plan on posting flower bouquet of the day as well new products we would like to promote and introduce. Our next step would be to pay an annual fee and join the 965flowers.com website. This website runs by acting as an intermediary between our customers and us. This

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