Flowers And The Magician By Rob Simpson

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Flowers and the Magician By Rob Simpson I wrote this book for my daughter when she was small and the perfect age for a fairy tale. Now she is grown and too old for tales like this. Nevertheless, this book is for you. Dedicated to Darby Suzanne Simpson with love on 11/30/1999. Chapter 1 Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Florence. She was much like other girls in her village, except for one thing. In the spring time, her hair grew beautiful flowers. Thus, she received the nickname “Flowers”. Flowers was delighted when visitors from other lands started visiting her to gather flowers off her head. They took them home and made great gardens out of the flowers she gave them. Sometimes, a bird would swoop down and rest awhile on her head. It didn’t bother her, in fact she liked it. Eventually, as she grew older, Flowers did get tired of all the attention. People were always stopping by her family cottage at the edge of the forest to get flowers. She couldn’t decide what to do. She loved providing the flowers to everyone. The flowers from her hair lined the city streets and could be spotted in almost every yard. She longed to have a normal life, like the other girls her age. She was sure that no gentleman would ever call on her with her hair being the way that it was. One day, she decided to ask her father what he thought she should do. He listened to her problem, rubbing

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