Flowers For Algernon By Daniel Keys

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To begin with, the text, “Flowers for Algernon,” by Daniel Keys, shows an abundant amount of examples when it comes to asking others for guidance-- or lack thereof. The story follows a man named Charlie, a mentally impaired 37-year old who has decided to undergo a newly tested surgery, performed by two neurosurgeons, Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur, that will theoretically increase his intelligence. The surgery has already been tested on other animals, like Algernon the mouse. Although the surgery initially seemed to be successful-- resulting in a huge peak in Charlie’s intelligence, these effects were temporary. The lasting outcome of the surgery leaves Charlie in ruins; with Charlie losing his job, one of his closest friends-- Algernon the…show more content…
Strauss said that Dr. Nemur was more interested in the Chair of Psychology at Princeton than he was in the experiment. Dr. Nemur said that Dr. Strauss was nothing but an opportunist who was trying to ride to glory on his coattails” (295). This argument between the two doctors proves that Dr. Nemur especially was only invested in the surgery for his own personal gain-- and not for the benefit of Charlie. Because he was so eager to get his results out to the world and so paranoid that someone may discover a way to complete the surgery before him, he decided to rush into the surgery and didn’t take the guidance given to him by Dr. Strauss who said that they should wait. Instead, he goes ahead with the surgery and ruins Charlie’s life. REASONING? Additionally, we witness Algernon’s strange behavior which is concluded as a side-effect of the surgery. “May 23 It happened today. Algernon bit me. I visited the lab to see him as I do occasionally, and when I took him out of his cage, he snapped at my hand. I put him back and watched him for a while. He was unusually disturbed and vicious. May 24 [Algernon] is less co-operative; he refuses to run the maze any more; general motivation has decreased. Everyone is upset about what this may mean. May 25 They 're all pretending that Algernon 's behavior is not necessarily significant for me. But it 's hard to hide the fact that some of the other animals who were used in this experiment are showing strange behavior. I 've got to find the
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