Flowers For Algernon Quotes For Childhood

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Flowers for Algernon is a novel written by Daniel Keyes; It is about a man named Charlie, 33, who has been mentally retarded all his life. Charlie gets an operation on his brain to reverse his retardation, but the experiment doesn’t last more than a couple of months. Charlies IQ raises from 67 to almost triple that. Within a few months the effects reverse and Charlie is disabled again, barely remembering that an operation even occurred. On May 25, Charlie visits Alice’s apartment. He examines the room and discovers two paintings; one being Picasso’s Mother and Child, and the other is a Renaissance painting of a courtier protecting a maiden. Though, these may seem insignificant, they represent Charlie’s goal to protect Alice and fill the missing mother role. Keyes represents this theme throughout Flowers for Algernon with memories and uncontrollable outbursts against his friends, loved ones, and himself.
Keyes incorporates Mother and Child to reflect Charlie’s relationship with his mother. In the novel, a series of flashbacks occur, one being Charlie’s mother, Rose, beating him with a belt simply because he got an erection. She beats him and screams that she will lock him in a cage and he needs to be taught to not think of girls this way, (112). He longs for her affection throughout his life, which is why the painting shows a mother holding her child. It expresses the affection he has wanted since being a child. Though these feelings may be subconscious to Charlie, they are
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