Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

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Family history
The movie Flowers in the Attic follows the Dollangangers as they try and survive the abuse perpetrated by both their mother Corrine Dollanganger who is approximately 36 years of age, and their grandmother Olivia Foxworthy, who is approximately 60 years of age. Olivia is known by the children as the grandmother. The movie opens with what looks to be a normal American family in the 1960’s with two boys Christopher "Chris" Dollanganger, Jr., who is approximately 16 years old, Cory Dollanganger, who is approximately five years of age, and two girls, Catherine Leigh "Cathy" Dollanganger, who is approximately 14 years old, and Carrie Dollanganger, who is approximately five years old. The children’s father, who is later revealed to be their mother’s half uncle is killed in a road accident. Previously, the Dollangangers were a middle-class family but due to unfortunate financial circumstances were forced to sell all of their possessions, and move into their mother’s childhood home, Foxworth Manor. It is then revealed that their mother was disinherited by her father when she married her husband, and was exiled from Foxworth Manor for 17 years. On her arrival at Foxworth Manor Corinne and the children are met by her mother Olivia, and the children are told that they must spend the night in an upstairs bedroom, because their grandfather is ill with a heart condition and the shock of knowing that his daughter is there with her children may kill him. It is at this
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