Floyd Mayweather outline

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a. Would you put your body in harms way for a night to make millions of dollars? Floyd Mayweather takes this risk and has become one of the most successful, richest athletes ever. Today I will explain how Floyd Mayweather makes risking his body into the perfect occupation.
II. Background
a. Childhood
a.i. Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24th 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
a.ii. Floyd was born into a family of boxers, His father Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a contender for the welterweight but lost to the great Sugar Ray Leonard. His Uncles Roger and Jeff Mayweather were also both professional boxers. Jeff was an IBO super-featherweight champion and Roger (Floyd’s current trainer) was a World Council
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b.ii. With his father and uncle Roger serving as both managers and trainers, he won several easy bouts during his first two years, which he capped off by capturing his first world title, the WBC junior lightweight championship.
b.iii. Ever since the first fight as a pro Floyd has shocked the world of boxing with his ridiculous accomplishments.
c. Pro Statistics
c.i. According to Floyd 36 year old Floyd is 5 foot 8 inches with a 72-inch reach.
c.ii. He has perfect record of 45-0 with 26 knockouts and 0 draws.
c.iii. He has collected 350 million dollars in earnings with a plethora of pay-per-view fights nicknaming him Floyd “money” Mayweather. The craziest part of his income is that not one penny of it is endorsement money.
c.iv. How are these many achievements capable? Through his perfected training building up to the fight.
IV. Training
a. Boxing
a.i. Shadow boxing
a.i.1. Floyd first gets his hands taped, and then proceeds to box against the air. With no opponent this is referred to as shadow boxing. This is a great way for the boxer to warm up before the workout.
a.ii. Heavy bag/ Speed bag
a.ii.1. HE then proceeds to punch a bag chained to the ceiling. The bag is heavy which works on power punches along with movement and speed.
a.ii.2. Also he punches a small bag held above his head for speed like in every boxing movie
a.iii. Pad & Floor work
a.iii.1. This consists of the trainer
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