Flu Virus Persuasive Speech

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Currently, there is one murder out there that no one has been able to fully stop which means this murder can strike again at anytime, killing various of innocent victims around the world. This murder goes by the name “viruses”. Viruses has been a massive problem to various of individuals, especially since it has the ability to cause pandemics. However, to prevent a future pandemic from occurring is informing tourists of the potential risks, detecting the viruses early, and engineering viruses. So right now you are probably thinking, “What is a pandemic?” Well, according to the article, “Understanding Pandemic Flu, ”published by the website, Get Pandemic, a pandemic is a global disease outbreak. However, for a flu virus to trigger a pandemic, this virus must have three important…show more content…
What this means is mutating known viruses to become spreadable to humans in a laboratory. Even though, this method has been proven to be controversial, it also has been proven to work. According to the article, “A deadly disease could travel at jet speed around the world. How do we stop it in time?” written by Alok Jha, there is a scientist named Rob Fouchier who has mutated a flu virus, H5N1, and discovered what needs to happen for the H5N1 virus to have the ability to spread to humans. He discovered that the H5N1 needs only five mutations on its genetic sequence to become one. By discovering this, we also discover which mutations we need the virus to avoid in order to become one and could make actions in order to do so. However, as stated before it is controversial due to the fear of utilizing this technique to produce biological weapons. However, if we do this than we gain the knowledge of what needs happen to prevent this virus from becoming a pandemic which is very important since all pandemic that had occur had taken away various of innocent people’s
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