Fluency in a Foreign Language Should Be Required Before Graduation

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Fluency in A Foreign Language Should Be Required For All Students
Before Graduation From High School

Julia Delaney

English 102, Section 12
Miss Alicia Howell
December 4, 2012
Theme 6 – Simple - Climactic
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Thesis: Fluency in a foreign language should be required for all students before graduation from high school.

Introduction: In a world of advancing technology and higher education, it is imperative that students take the time to develop unique talents and skills in order to gain a competitive edge over the average individual. I. Fluency in a foreign language builds character.
A. The time and commitment required from students to learn an entire new alphabet and vocabulary builds
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Introductory lessons in a foreign language start out as seemingly impossible to master, yet in due time begin to make sense. Excitement escalates as the brain starts functioning in another language and continues beyond the first few lessons alone. Dincay, a professor at Istanbul Arel University, notes, “the feeling of accomplishment that comes with [students’] first steps toward a second language can spur them on to a deeper and broader passion for learning in general” (Dincay 1). Students who reach an expertise level in foreign language carry that same capability acquired first through language studies over into other realms of life, producing competent results beyond areas concerning language alone. In her article, “Benefits of Being Bilingual,” Marcos writes, “Studies suggest that persons with full proficiency in more than one language (bilinguals) outperform similar monolingual persons on both verbal and nonverbal tests of intelligence” (Marcos 1). Proficiency in a foreign language develops a needed sense of accomplishment in students, enabling them to move on and conquer other tasks and responsibilities with rare poise and fortitude. They realize that unlike monolinguals, their lives are not confined to one culture alone, but can easily extend to impact an incredible realm of people throughout their
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