Fluid Mechanics and Contributions of Archimedes in the Field

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It studies the behaviour of gases and liquids both in rest and in motion. “Fluids” are involved in a great portion of our daily lives even though we do not realize it. There are indeed very few aspects that we do not come across with it. Fluids are used in different fields of engineering.
Leonardo Da Vinci is a notable man who had great impact on the field and gave pace to its development. After his achievements, many scientists added to the knowledge of fluid mechanics. Some of these scientists are Archimedes, Galileo, Torricelli, Newton, Euler, and Bernoulli. I would like to talk about Archimedes and his contributions on the fluid mechanics.
Archimedes is one of the most influential men in mathematics and physics. He has great contributions to science with his significant inventions. Before getting into more detail on his works, I would briefly like to talk about his life. The scientist was born in Syracuse at the year of 287 BC. His father, Phidias, was an astronomer and a mathematician. However, there is not much information on the life of Phidias. Unfortunately, little is known also about Archimedes’ life. According to some resources, his family had some links with the King of Syracuse. Thus, it is possible that he was a son of a noble family.
Archimedes was a curious student. He went to Alexandria- a coastal city in Egypt in order to study.…
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