Fluorescent Tagged Protein Research Paper

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Essay 47: Fluorescent Tagged Proteins

Proteins tagged with fluorescent markers are extremely versatile tools in cell and molecular biology research. A fluorescent marker is, as the name suggests, a molecule that emits light of a particular wavelength following exposure to a photons of a shorter wavelength, for example a laser beam. If a fluorescent marker is a reasonable size and chemically stable enough to be attached to a protein, it is potentially useful to molecular biologists. In many cases, the proteins in question are monoclonal antibodies generated against a particular target of interest such as a cell surface receptor, a cytoskeletal protein, or a cellular organelle. In some cases, a fluorescent label is used to track the fate of a particular protein as it is processed in the ER and Golgi complex, transported along microtubules, or secreted from the cell altogether. In still other cases, two or more fluorescently tagged proteins are introduced into the same cell to see whether they localize in the same or separate compartments or organelles.
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In this method, cells are incubated with antibodies conjugated with fluorescent dyes such as FITC (fluoroscein isothiocyanate), which emits green wavelengths of light; PE (phycoerythrin), or Texas Red, both of which emit red wavelengths of light. Newer fluorescent dyes emit at yellow and blue wavelengths as
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