Fluoride Containing Dentifrices And Its Effects On The Western Regions

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Fluoride containing dentifrices have been used in oral hygiene in the Western regions to prevent caries formation and reduce gingivitis. A particularly vulnerable population to early carries is school aged children. Researchers have been looking for a more effective combination of ingredients to to achieve a faster and more effective way of plaque, gingivitis and carries reduction in school aged children. A four weeks long pilot study was conducted by Cagetti, Strohmenger, Basile, Abati, Mastroberardino, and Campus (2015) in Italy, to compare the effects of fluoride containing toothpaste versus a toothpaste with main active ingredients of fluoride, triclosan, cetylpyridinum chloride [CPC], and essential oils on supra-gingival plaque and bleeding on probing. . The study was carried out by members of WHO Collaborating Centre of Milan for Epidemiology and Community Dentistry, Milan, Italy, and all examinations taken place at a primary school in Sassari, Italy. The participants were supervised by their teacher during examinations. The literature review incorporated in the introduction immediately after the abstract without any heading, on pages 437-438, column 1 and 2, and paragraph 1-5. The literature review states that there is a concern about the gingival health of Italian children and researchers have been searching for the best combination of active ingredient that would safely and effectively reduce plaque and gingivitis. Several antibacterial were evaluated in the past

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