Flute Choir Reports

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“I want to start a flute choir!” Those words were my new mission, even though I hadn’t the faintest idea how to go about accomplishing that. When I transitioned to full-time PSEO during my junior year in high school, I didn’t have room in my schedule for band. I missed comparing contest repertoire with my fellow musicians and playing Disney songs for elementary school children to inspire them to join the band program. I felt like I was completing a jigsaw puzzle only to discover I was missing the last few pieces. Devastated by this loss, I decided to initiate my own collaborative music group, based on the groups I was previously involved in. After a few days, I finished drafting a schedule and received some advice from my parents on leading a group of this sort. The only thing left was to pick out music. Prior to the first rehearsal, I discovered an excellent website providing full scores online for flute choirs and printed out a few pieces. When I walked into the music lab for the first rehearsal, to my surprise, fourteen flautists joined the choir from different band levels! Quickly, I went through the schedule and requested that each flautist select three songs from the ones I chose beforehand. After careful deliberation, they ultimately…show more content…
I contemplated dissolving the flute choir, as a group of eight wouldn’t bring a large crowd and reorganizing parts for each piece would cause chaos; some flautists would be forced to learn a new part in half as much time. Reminiscing about the first rehearsal and the exhilaration of starting with an abundant group of talented musicians, I realized that these minor obstacles shouldn’t prevent me from allowing the other flautists to realize their potential. Invigorated by my latest epiphany, I reorganized parts to minimize the amount of music each flautist would relearn and we continued rehearsing without
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