Fly Their Drones Research Paper

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Fly their drone! In Purple, students start flying line-of-sight (LOS). Best practices in aviation Perform pre-flight configurations and visual inspections. Discuss flight field safety protocols. Discuss the balanced forces that allow drones to hover and the imbalances that enable them to move. Learn how to fly safely and how to respond to emergency situations and out-of-control drones. Practice removing props and unplugging batteries after flying. Cultivate a positive drone community as students collaborate and help educate others. Build technological literacy and multimedia presentation skills with End Design Project videos. Flight Safety Basic Piloting Skills Secure a location where students can fly safely. You’ll be headed out to the flight field for the first time in Purple Card 3. Make copies of the Preflight Checklist. You’ll want one per student, per flight day, to give everyone plenty of practice establishing safe flight field habits. Fully charge LiPo batteries before students will…show more content…
Some students are natural pilots, and some will be pushing outside their natural comfort zones. That’s okay! Purple has two flight challenges for students to master before moving on to FPV piloting in Blue: staying in control of the drone flying LOS for at least 2 minutes and flying forward and backward through a large gate. Students are free to progress at their own pace. Challenge your advanced pilots to become positive peer coaches for other members of their teams. How will you teach the end design project (EDP)? This is an opportunity for students to exercise their creativity, integrate their learning into areas that are particularly interesting to them, building their 21st Century skill set. Introduce the project to the group all together, then be sure to step back, help students focus in on a plan for their project and let them take ownership of the process. Making this a team project is a great way to build collaborative communication
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