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He lay on the ground, clutching his wound. Sirens wailed in the distance, but they would never reach him. He was fading, but he felt peace.
He’d woken up that morning ready to make a difference. He donned his underclothes as though they were a spandex suit. His collared shirt was buttoned all the way up, hiding the logo that painted his chest. Around his neck, a tie held a majestic cape that would flow with the wind as he dove into battle. His glasses were not to aid his vision, but to hide his true identity. Outfitted with this heroic attire, his day began.
His theme song followed as he walked down the street; it quieted only to put emphasis on what he knew to be his call to action: a shriek coming from a back alley. The man ripped off his glasses to expose his true identity. Buttons flew as he tore through his collared shirt and exposed the hero’s brand. With a jolt of energy and a chest full of courage, he sprung into action.
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His black hair was slicked back with too much grease and a scar of unknown origin traced his jaw. Ink crawled down his arm as though it were venom coursing through his veins. His imposing body struck fear into the heart that was once bursting with courage. It was too late to back down, but it did not matter . . . a hero never backs down.
The source of the shriek was a woman being backed into a corner, trying to save herself from the cold blade being wielded by a villainous
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