Flying Troutmans Essay

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The Flying Troutmans

By: Miriam Toews

The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews showed many experiences related to situations that occur in an individual’s daily life. The novel shows evidence that proves dysfunctional in a relationship such as husband and wife relations, a child and a mother relations or relations between two sisters who live a different life.

In everyday life, a relation is always identified as trust and support. In this novel, a relation between a husband and a wife is shown in a different way. Min, one of the characters in the story, is shown losing her mental stability and is living with her two children. She did not have any contact with her husband in few years and neither did he try to contact
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“Hey, said Thebes, what did Min whisper in your ear at the hospital? I can’t remember, Hattie replied. Yes you can, think said Thebes. She said we should go find our father,” Hattie answered (Page 25, 26). Later, when things started to get different, Hattie decides to go on a road trip, to find Cherkis. The only problem was they did not know where he was. But being Min’s only sister, she decides not to give up. To her, the only thing that mattered was travelling. Their Journey begins from North Dakota where they had to stay at scary motels, meet hippies and avoid scary noises coming from their van. Hattie survived with this just for her sister. Just like Min threw Cherkis out of her life. She didn’t want her sister to interfere either. She ignored and stayed away from her.

Last, a relationship between a Mother and her children which is always memorable. In this novel, the author tried reversing the role of a mother and two children. Thebes and Logan are shown taking care of Min. Thebes who is eleven year old is described as a purple- haired, dirty street girl. Despite being her daughter, she tries to help her as much as possible. But how much can eleven year and fifteen year old children do? They then decide to give up and send her to a Psychiatric hospital and inform Hattie about it. These children lived life without their parents and are living a life of an Orphan. “She told me she’s been trying to take care of things but it wasn’t working anymore. Min

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