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Financial Management & Control – IM07CC CEMS Dr. Marcel van Rinsum Associate Professor RSM Erasmus University Department Accounting & Control Introduction Financial Management Control Systems (FMCS) form the bridge between the organization’s strategy and its operations. Their purpose is to align managerial behaviour and decision making with organizational goals. Although management controls are typically embedded in the organization’s financial management and accounting systems, their design and use should be based on a thorough understanding of how managerial behaviour is influenced by typical control system elements, such as target setting, performance measurement and rewarding. Indeed, while the proper design of…show more content…
Hand-in case notes (20%). Cases are solved by teams of students; 3. Written exam (60%; to pass the course a minimum grade for the exam of 5.0 is required. The other grades will only count when you pass this threshold). This is an individual test. Presence is required for the lectures. The written exam will be based on the literature discussed during the lectures, additional material presented during theme-discussions and lectures (made available on Black Board), and a selection of the cases discussed. More information on groups, lectures and contents will be made available on Blackboard Course literature - Articles & cases. (see course program). 2 The course program for Financial Management & Control is as follows: Topics 1. Financial Management & Control: Introduction Date Oct. 27 Literature Readings 1 2. The Economics and Psychology of Financial Management & Control Nov. 3 Readings 2 and 3 Case 1 3. Financial Management & Control: Measurement and Organizational structure Nov. 10 Readings 4 and 5 Case 2 4. Financial Management & Control: Myopia Nov. 17 Readings 6 and 7 Case 3 5. Financial Management & Control: Subjectivity Nov. 24 Readings 8 Case 4 6. Financial Management & Control: Controllership, Environment & Culture Dec. 1 Readings 9 Wrap-up 7. Extra session Dec. 8 T.B.D. The required readings are as follows: 1. Merchant,
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